Wednesday, September 06, 2006

To the Post Office

It's a day of mailing. Hannah's in school so I have time to wait and wait and wait at the Post Office. :-( No matter what time I go, the line is ALWAYS l-l-l-long. Anyway, in the mail are:

1 - 3 loomed hats and 2 burial wraps donated to Ochsner Clinic Foundation in Memory of Angel & Marisa Rodriquez.

2 - The box of old material that I posted about below. It's "busting" at the seams, but I got it all in a flat rate box.

I was going to send the following, but Mom, Dad, and my middle sister are getting cheap tickets to fly out this weekend. Yipee!!
3 - A box to Mom including 4 loomed hats and a burial wrap. Sue, the nice lady from back home that donated so many hats to the Remembering Emma Grace Project, called and asked Mom to come with her to speak at the Senior Citizens Center. Sue is going to coordinate a group to knit and crochet items to be sent to various hospitals in Alabama. She wanted Mom to join her at the initial meeting to talk about Emma and the struggles that a preemie faces. I packed up some photos of the gowns I've made in the past, some statistics, and some patterns. I'm so excited. My sweet girl will touch more lives than I ever dreamed. After the meeting, Mom is mailing the hats and wrap to Citizens Baptist Medical Center in Talladega, AL.


Mama Bear said...

Did you get through the line ok?

That's wonderful that the giving to others in Emma's memory will continue on in that way. The woman sounds like a very special person. Enjoy your visit!

Mama Bear

Pink Dandelion said...

That's just wonderful that Emma's legacy will live on!! It amazing that the littlest ones that stay here on earth for the shartest amounts of time, are often the ones that make the biggest impact. A good lesson in life is in that for all of us.