Wednesday, September 27, 2006

War Eagle!

Yesterday while hunting for the neon green ribbon (which I found, btw), I picked up some yarn. The colors don't show well in the above picture, but the hats are orange and blue!! War Eagle!!! My husband and I are Auburn University grads. I thought I'd make a few Auburn hats for the Alabama hospitals. I'll send these to Mom for their next shipment. It's Bernat Softee Chunky and I hope it's soft enough for preemies. It was the only yarn I could find in the right colors.

I also picked up some Red Heart in deep purple and a bright multicolor. The red is some leftovers from I have no idea when. :-) I'm going to use these for some loomed hats for the Dulaan Project. I keep hearing about this and want to send a few hats.

Bev, as in Bev's Country Cottage fame, is having an October hat challenge. I'm going to participate and needed to get ready. I have a feeling it's going to be a busy October.

Also, I keep forgetting to ask advice. I've volunteered to make a memory quilt for Hannah's preschool. I'll let the kids put their handprints on a square and make it into a quilt for the silent auction fundraiser. Only problem....I've never made a quilt? Do you have a good beginner quilting book to recommend?


Cheryl said...

Your hats turned out great!

Here are a couple websites to look at for quilt directions.

Marcia Layton has a book out called "Handprint Quilts". It's a really neat book and also has beginner directions in the front.

And if you have specific questions, just ask :-)

Hugs to you!

Wool Winder said...

Hey, I used to live in Alabama. Lived near Linden, about an hour west of Meridian, MS.

Wool Winder said...

I mean east of Meridian.

Mama Bear said...

Cute! Maybe if you put some of the ribbon around the cut off sleeves she would go for it?

Have a great hat month!

Anne K. said...

Hey, Candy! Love the hats - and there will be plenty of Auburn grads who will snap up your offerings and enjoy the sentiment - very thoughtful!

Re: your quilt for the kiddos -- You could have a fantastically easy quilt just getting handprints on muslin, cutting the prints into 5-inch squares (or whatever size gives you enough "air" around them, plus a half-inch in each directions for quarter-inch seams all the way around.) Then cut colorful kids' prints in squares of the same size and alternate - hand, print, hand, row is print, hand, print, hand, etc. Make sense?

Once you've pieced the squares together, just add a border of strips, say, about 4" wide. Then get any basic quilting book at the library and learn what they say about "sandwiching" and you're done. It'll be far easier than you imagined, really!