Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Senior Citizens

Mom just called after giving their little speech at the Senior Citizens Center. She said that 4 ladies signed up and that 2 are taking the project to their churches. Many had no idea of the need for burial and NICU items. I'm thrilled at the response. Probably for many of you reading, 4 seems like a low commitment, but I'm from a very small town so I think it's actually a good response. Sue took the list of volunteers and will distribute patterns and probably collect the donations. Mom will pay the postage to mail the items to the hospitals.


Anonymous said...

I belong to a sewing group called the "Sew'n Sew Group"we make items for Nursing Homes, Hospitals,Child Protective Services,V.A.Hospitals.
We are looking for other thins to make you said something about burial items,could you explain maybe we could make some,
We just pasted our 2nd year sewing together anywhere from 5 to 20 ladies every Thursday,We do have a lot of fun even tho we put out a lot of items,lap throws,activety aprons,walker bags, tote bags,pillows,large moomoos for Katrina victims.New born caps,baby blankets,just to name a few,we are looking for other things to make,any sugestions,e-mail
Peggy at "
thank you and may God bless
Peggy W.